Sunday, June 15, 2014

Estee Lauder Double Wear

Estee Lauder Double Wear Review:

Reviewing my all time favourite foundation, I have recommended this foundation right left and centre! If I have a special occasion this is the one I grab out of all of them. I wear it pretty much all the time if I’m honest which sort of puts me off buying other brands.  My love for this foundation started back in 2012 when I was after the “perfect” foundation I looked around and read so many reviews I knew I had to try it. I bought it alongside the matte primer which is also an all time favourite. I’ve never looked back and it was the best £50 I’ve ever spent.

What the foundation claims to do: Keeps skin looking fabulous, breathing comfortably through heat, humidity and activity without changing colour, fading or coming off on clothes. Natural matte finish and SPF10 sunscreen to protect skin.
It’s pretty safe to say it’s a miracle in a bottle!

W = Warm (1W1 Bone, 1W2 Linen, 2W1 Sand, 3W1 Tawny, 4W1 Shell Beige, 5W1 Bronze, 6W2 Spice)
N = Neutral (1N1 Ecru, 2N1 Desert Beige, 2N2 Fresco, 3N1 Ivory Beige, 4N1 Wheat, 5N1 Soft Tan, 6N1 Truffle)
C = Cool (1C1 Shell, 2C1 Dusk, 3C1 Pebble, 4C1 Suede, 5C1 Rich Chestnut, 6C1 Rich Cocoa)

This foundation comes in 21 shades in total I wear shade 2C2 Pale Almond the colour is perfect. I’m normally NW20 in Mac foundations.
I cannot tell you how many bottles I have got through of this, the finish is matte but not too matte, it makes your skin look perfect and covers everything. Though I do find you need to use a highlighter and blusher otherwise it can make you look very dull and flat. It claims to stay in place and I can honestly say it doesn’t melt off my oily skin. It looks better as the day goes on in my opinion.

With this foundation you have to remember to work fast and less is more as it’s very pigmented and you don’t need much. I find the best application for me is my Sigma F80 or my fingers for a more natural look. I normally start on my nose and work my way out. Leaving my forehead and chin to last as that’s where I get mostly oily. Imagine your face as a butterfly...

Overall I cannot recommend this enough; at £28.50 it is pricey though a bottle normally lasts me around 4/5 months as you only need a small amount. It was the best investment I made for my makeup collection... I am still on the hunt to find something that comes close. I’ve owned far too many foundations and hated a fair amount too (some with a higher price point). So for now I will keep on buying this.


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