Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our Love Story

Our love story:

Our love story started way before me and Joao even knew each other like most do, just think about it sometimes you have to go through the heart break, lonely nights and dark days to know when something feels right!
Wouldn’t it be simple if it went girl meets boy, boy meets girl they fall in love and live happily ever after?

Like most people it didn’t quite go that way, I met him when I was 15 years old we met through mutual friends, at first I didn’t think anything of him if I’m totally honest  if only I knew..

The months passed and we became friends he became the person I turned to when my relationship fell apart. I guess by this point the spark was there just waiting. By October 2008 things had got more serious he was my first thought in the morning till the moment I went to bed. We spent the day texting and on the phone like most teenagers.  I remember thinking he had the brightest eyes I’ve ever seen, I could see beyond them.

Things carried on and we had many ups and downs like every relationship nothing is ever a walk in the park, we made it through hand in hand through ever single war we came out standing strong! Despite many people wanting to see us fail along the way we had something so deep I can’t even explain. We’ve been through some loss together, some I never wish on anyone. The pain feels so deep still but I know with him it’ll all be okay.

In 2010 he asked me to be his wife, I remember my heart skipped a beat I felt sick to my stomach (a good kind of sick) I just knew it was meant to be. He was my best friend and what better way than to wake up beside him daily a kiss good morning.
Two years of wedding planning, I swear when I you think you’ve been through everything together try plan a wedding. It puts your relationship through so many different emotions. (Maybe just me, I was a total bridezilla!) He made sure I had my dream wedding on 18th August 2012, I married my best friend, my rock in front of 180 people it was truly a dream come true.

When I look into his eyes I see my whole world in him. His happiness is what I live for; I can’t imagine a day without him. I miss him every second of the day were not together. Our pointless chats, our petty little arguments that mean nothing in 10 minutes time. I love him beyond words; no one will ever be able to see him through my eyes so no one will ever know how deep my love for him goes.
I took a moment today, because it’s my best friend’s birthday! And what better way to tell him I love him then to write this our love story. I’m always going to be beside you, i love you so much! You’ve bought so much happiness and love into my life.  Forever and a day.

“Juro nao te vou deixar”

Happy Birthday my love..


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