Sunday, September 28, 2014

Moroccanoil Review

Moroccanoil Review

I’m not dead people I promise!

Life has gotten crazy I’m currently typing this sat surrounded by boxes. I can’t believe moving day is this following week. I never thought it’d be so sad to move out of this place. Let’s face it I’ve complained for the past 2 years we’ve lived here I needed more space. I guess now its hit me, this was our first home together we’ve created so many memories. I guess home is where the heart is saying will kick in soon.

Anyways Moroccanoil Review like promised.

I started using this product back in June 2012, two months before my wedding my hair dresser mentioned it as my hair was looking pretty dull and I wanted the “glow”. At over £30 a bottle I was reluctant to buy it. I was using so many different ones at the time and couldn’t understand why this one would be any different. Holy was I mistaken after the first use I was in love, the smell, the texture and just simply how beautiful it left my hair.

My hair was in a terrible state, I went from black to blonde in the matter of 6 months after two goes of stripping the colour I finally decided with my hairdresser we should start adding the highlights. This product saved me from many spilt ends though don’t expect miracle’s I gave up doing my hair daily for it to grow.  

You only need a few pumps of this stuff it really goes a long way! Overall I would say it’s very impressive. I have used it ever since I love my blue bottle which sits on the counter in my bathroom or bed side table. My hair has never looked this good since about age 11!

I do recommend you go out and try it, I first bought the little bottle and ever since I’ve just gone for full size. Oh and at Christmas they do an even bigger bottle for the same price! Can you believe it’s nearly Christmas! To be honest I’ve never been so excited because that means only 2 months till I meet our precious little baby.  Oh we have a scan tomorrow we’re just wanting to confirm baby’s sex one more time before we announce it to the world! Let’s just hope it hasn’t changed as we’ve picked a name and nursery colours!

Can you tell I’m excited to be a mum?! My house is currently baby crazy, we bought our cot yesterday. My god this baby bed cost more than ours but it’s simply beautiful I’ve been dying to buy a sleigh cot since I found out we were expecting (to be honest I think I knew everything I wanted for a while! Hubby had no say). We have been lucky enough to have each set of grandparents super excited for the arrival of baby Ribeiro that have spoiled us with lots of cute things!

Expect a post mid-week announcing baby sex but if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will know tomorrow morning!


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