Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Too Faced Chocolate Palette

Too faced chocolate bar palette review

Hello my loves, happy Tuesday!
God the weeks seem to be flying by now. I’m starting to get excited for Christmas, I’m normally not a Christmas person I just look forward to our holiday (we normally go back to Portugal, but I’ll be too far ahead in my pregnancy to travel) But it’s just something about being pregnant that has really changed my views on a lot!
Anyways back to the makeup J
The other day I was feeling pretty crappy with morning sickness that lasts all day, yeah its decided to come back which isn’t fun! My husband sent me an email as I had headed to bed early and attached was an order to this beaut! I had mentioned months back that I really would like it, but with move and baby things makeup had to take a back seat. So as you can imagine I was over the moon.

I love the packing, it reminds me of naked 2 and 3 which I’m a huge fan of I love how you can just wipe it clean and it always looks nice. I think what makes this one slightly better is the magnetic close. When you open the packing you get a coco chocolate smell which at first was lovely but now turns my stomach.
When you open the palette it has inside 16 shades with a see through sheet with the names. Here’s my problem, for £45 I would expect the names to be printed on the tin itself I’m not a fan of those sheets! 

I’m a big fan of neutrals for anyone that knows me and I think no matter how many crazy shades I have I always go back to basics I think you can look pretty clown-ish with bright colours or that could just be me! They just don’t work on me… 
I resisted this palette for a while, I remember going into boots and swatching the shades and they felt pretty chalky, I think it was just from so many people touching it because I haven’t had that problem as of yet and that’s the first thing I checked when it fell through the mail. I think out of all my palettes this is quickly turning into my favorite its just so easy with every shade you could possibly need. So I think this will be the one I travel with next.

Pretty right? I honestly don’t think you can go wrong. 


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