Wednesday, October 26, 2016

MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquer Review


A few weeks back I popped into Superdrug as I wondered around the makeup section these caught my attention. I have been after a few matte lip products, but I also didn’t want to spend a lot money as I wasn’t sure if I would like them. I’m very fussy about lip products especially colours. I’m all for natural lip colours or a hot red! In my local Superdrug there are six shades all together I picked up two of them along with their highlighter.
(Online they have a bigger selection so I do recommend looking there!)
I LOVE the packing of these lip lacquers, they sell for £3.00 each. You can pick them up in the UK in superdrug or They are very pigmented one layer is enough for a very good coverage. They dry very matte so make sure you don’t have dry lips or it’ll just make it more noticeable (exfoliating is a good idea when using a matte lip product). The last time I used it I found adding a thin layer of Vaseline helped. I personally think these are “too matte” BUT the colours are gorgeous! 

I picked up the shades
 Left: Dash
Right: Halcyon
They are long wearing the colour doesn’t transfer easily unless you eat and drink. After that the lip lacquer would have to be reapplied.
I really want to pick up a red from this range but last week I bought the Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipstick and I think I prefer the texture over these ones.

Overall I’m not sure if I will buy more.
But the packing and colours are perfect, I think if you’re not big on lip products and want one for a night out I don’t think you can go wrong with them.



Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator in Riviera

All about that glow…

Before my birthday I was looking at treating myself and I had spotted the zoeva cocoa blend on a blog and I thought it’d be perfect for the autumn and of course I went and had a wonder on their site. I swear I can never just order what I’m looking for I can’t stop myself from looking at other things and most the time buying them. My bank account hates me!
I’m pretty sure of it.

“A brush-on highlighter that gives skin the appearance of being lit-from-within. Brush-on Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators to brighten and highlight the face and d├ęcolletage for a glowing look.
Riviera – Rose Gold”
Anyways getting off track, I came across the Anastasia Beverly hills illuminator in “Riviera” it looked gorgeous and the cute little pattern on the highlighter itself sold me. I’m normally not one to buy things without reading reviews on them so this was very exciting to me! The delivery was pretty quick was the first time I had ordered off and I must say I’d recommend it. 48 hour free tracked delivery doesn’t really get much better than that. When it finally arrived I managed to get that picture above for my Instagram then ripped it open to cover myself in “glitter” as my husband calls it. I was a bit worried by this stage I had seen a few reviews which mentioned this was good but for dark skin tones. I’m an nw20 in mac so I was worried it’d have been a bad purchase. But boy was I wrong it was beyond perfect. Quickly become my favourite over my mac soft and gentle which I have used for a few years now. A little goes a long way when using this product.

It’s a lovely these don’t have the glitter like most highlighters you aren’t left with any unwanted sparkle all over the place. It’s just the perfect glow. I’m really wanting the “So Hollywood” but it’s always sold out or very expensive! The texture to these are very silky, I was impressed with the pigmentation. It blends effortlessly, I used my real techniques contour brush (the one that comes in the face kit)
 I’ve pretty much tried this everywhere cheekbones, eyebrow, top lip, nose… yes I like to shine (pretty sure I’ll look back at my selfie in 20 years’ time and regret it, you know like our parents do!)

(Got to love a good old car selfie)

What’s your favourite highlighter?
Any recommendations welcome.
I’m hoping to get the moon child next month it just looks perfect!



Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hi, i'm back :)


It’s been a very long time since I last posted on here, I’d like to say I’m sorry but truth be said I’m not. I’ve been so busy enjoying my bundle of joy.
 On the 8th February 2015 I gave birth to the most precious baby girl ever!
Emma Louise
 entered this world, at 12.06pm I’ll never forget that moment.
 Isn’t she just love at first sight?
They grow far too quickly!
Can you believe she’s now 20 months old??

A baby changes everything, before I gave birth to her I remember saying how I wouldn’t change and I’d always be “me”, but with a baby. Now I just laugh at myself and when friends who are expecting say the same thing… Boy are they in for a treat. I remember some days I didn’t even have time to brush my hair let alone slap on a full face of makeup. I gained some pretty good skills though, like showering in 5 minutes (yup that’s how long a peppa pig episode is!)
On a good day I get a whole 30 minutes to get ready. I remember when going out meant I started planning what makeup I was going to use the night before. I’m finally getting back to ‘myself’ or at least what I can remember about Tania before baby Emz.
But I’ll be 100% honest I wouldn’t have it any other way.
She’s pure joy, brightens up any day she’s my reason for breathing. I’m head over heels for my perfect little family. I count my blessings every day. The moment I become a mother I felt complete I remember looking at this chubby new born in the eyes and thinking what have I done so right in life to deserve someone so perfect.
I’m pretty sure if any of you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen how obsessed I am with her and my husband the hundreds of pictures I post don’t lie.
 I capture every moment.


Maternity leave I hardly bought anything, to be honest I had a lot and this way I got to use the stuff. A few months back I had a massive clear out and threw out makeup I had owned for over 5 years surely that stuff was more than out of date. But before I could never find it in me to throw anything away i'd always think how pretty it was and how someday I might use it even though I probably haven’t in 4 years. But my skin started breaking out pretty badly so I brought myself to do it.
 After I felt kind of empty?? Well my makeup drawers looked it! So I have been buying a few new bits, I’ve changed my makeup storage. I’ve looked for cheaper products but most have been hit and miss. I’ll be sharing what I loved/hated in the following weeks. I’ve also discovered my love for morphe eyeshadows, I’ve got 5 of their palettes and one of them being the so wanted 350 which my husband managed to get me for my birthday, I also have the 350M and 350S I can’t put in to words how amazingly pretty these palettes are! Ive also gone back to a few old favourites I’ll keep you guys updated on Instagram with post alerts!

   Upload one new post a week minimum.  
 Start blogging about my weight loss journey (yup thats right, i still have all the baby weight!).   
Increase my followers and really put myself out there on social networks.
  Wear more makeup and try new look!

Thanks for reading till the end its been a long post,
 now lets get back to beauty blogging. 


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