Sunday, November 13, 2016

Confessions Of A Beauty Blogger

Here's a fun post, thought it'd be nice as a get to know me. 

1.      I hardly use body lotion (I own A LOT of it) I just find it a hassle and I hate having to wait for it to dry.
2.      I only wash my brushes once a month, I hate washing them. Instead I just own a ridiculous amount.
3.      I’m terrible when it comes to use by date or you know makeup says 12, 24 and 36 months. Yeah I just ignore that.
4.      I hate chipped nails and when one breaks I have to cut them all!
5.      I always stay up to late, regret it every morning when I’m running out the house without brushing my hair.
6.      I once went to get my eyebrows dyed and came out with black eyebrows, I’m very blonde and fair, I looked so stupid.
7.      I hate washing my hair, it’s not washing it but the drying.
8.      I’ve NEVER done my own eyebrows.
9.      I always get acrylic nails and regret it, I have very long strong natural nails.
10.   I spend far TOO much money on hair technology which then sits in a box, no one needs 6 hair curlers! On that note have you seen the new dyson hair dryer? I blame my hairdresser!
11.   I started wearing makeup at age 12, I use to carry baby wipes with me and after school I’d wipe my face before I got home.
12.   I’m a very bad saver thanks to beauty products.
13.   I own over 15 eyeshadow palettes.
14.   I shop far too much and never have any clothes.
15.   I’m obsessed with watches I could get one every birthday and Christmas and I’d be over the moon!
16.   I hardly ever use concealer, I normally apply a bit more foundation.
17.   I’m terrible at using face creams again pure laziness (I need to change).
18.   My husband always complains I buy too many phone cases, I do.
19.   When my makeup doesn’t go right I have refused to leave the house. My husband doesn’t understand why your “eyelines have to match” (he means eyeliner)
20.   I always forget to use heat protector in my hair, then cry when it needs a cut.
What are your confessions?
I’d love to know.


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  1. Great post! I'm so terrible at remembering to put heat protector on too oops!


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