Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Wish List

Can you believe its December!

'its the most magical time of the year'

I’m super excited about this time of the year, Christmas was never a big deal growing up and I promised myself when I had children I would make it as special as I could. Last year we celebrated Emma’s firs Christmas, she was 10 months old and to be honest was more interested about the wrapping paper than the countless gifts me and my husband unwrapped for her. This year she’ll be 20 months and she’s started talking so I really can’t wait. I’ve been getting her presents since January so yes, I’m very prepared. I think Minnie Mouse will run this household after the 25th December. My child is so obsessed with Minnie mouse. I’ve lost count of how many Minnie teddies we have.
I’m a big believer that Christmas is about her, we spoil her rotten! I don’t believe you can over spoil a child. After all if I don’t or my husband who will? Last year we hardly got any photos which I regret till this day, but I want to make sure I capture every moment this year.
Anyways, my wish list…
As you can see it’s probably a very expensive list I have no shame!
I want to improve on my blog photos at the moment I just use my iPhone 6. Though it works well I want more, I used a 700D a few weeks back and simply loved it. I’ll be happy if that’s the only gift I get.
1.      Canon 700D, Buy here for £459.00
2.      River Island Coat, I love river island coats, most my coats are from there. This one is £90.00 buy here.  
3.      Charlotte Tilbury Matte, £23.00 each. The other day when looking for a new lipstick someone recommend this one. Buy here
4.      Michael Kors Watch, you can get this from watch shop here. £136.00 anyone that knows me knows I LOVE watches.
5.      Ted Baker iPhone Case, you can buy these directly from Ted Baker the price range is around £30.00.
6.      Canon Lens, this lens retails at £95-105.00 cheapest place I’ve spotted it was curry’s.
7.      Gucci Envy Me, this was the first perfume my husband ever bought me. I’ve gone through a couple of bottles. Its £55.00 but usually on offer you can order it here.
8.      Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Sweets, retails at £35. Buy directly from ABH.  
9.      Zoeva eye brush set, again I blame this one on a friend she recommended them. My last brushes I got 3 years ago I’m in need of them. £65.00 from beauty bay, you can order them here.
10.   Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child, I’m hoping to place an order before the end of the year to buy the two palettes. They cost roughly £32.00 you can buy it from ABH website.
11.   Specturm Brushes, I’m hoping my parents get me this. The sell for £65.00 you can get them online here.
12.   Michael Kors Selma, I’ve wanted this bag as long as I can remember BUT it’s £310.00 I really need to start saving! Buy here.

What’s on your list? I’d love to know...


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