Sunday, December 11, 2016

Clinique 3 Step + Take The Day Off Review

On one of my many shopping trips into boots over the last 6 weeks getting ready for Christmas. I was walking through the counters and looking at the countless Christmas skincare sets. I really wanted a new skin routine. If you read my confession post, you’ll remember I’m terrible at remembering to use creams etc. Recently I’ve started to notice my skin isn’t in the best shape. Especially after having a baby. It must be hormones and lack of sleep. Emma sleeps all night, but every little sound or movement I’m awake. If you’re pregnant or just had a baby, it’s true you’ll never sleep like before!
Back in 2011-2012 I used LancĂ´me and I swear by them, but they aren’t very budget friendly for this time of the year. I mean I’d rather spend that money on gifts for Emma and my husband. Maybe just maybe Santa will remember this shopping trip (By Santa I mean my husband! By this stage he was blowing steam from his ears, he had just given in and bought yet another Minnie.) I was looking for something new. I spoke with a few people on a makeup group I’m in and so many recommend Clinique.

£47.00 later I came out with the Clinique 3 step anti blemish solution (£25.00) and Clinique take the day off balm (£22.00).

This was what the lady at the count recommended as I still at times experience some breakouts, but I’m so disappointed I listened to her. I originally wanted to buy the 3 step introduction kit. I have oily skin and under the skin spots so I really wanted something to tackle this problem. She said what I was looking for this range was perfect as its anti-bacterial it also has powder in cleanser to stop the oiliness. After 4 days of use I started to notice my skin getting very dry in patches. I was also breaking out more. At first I thought it my skin adapting to the products but after a two weeks I gave up and packed it away. I did however pick up the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+. I picked this up more because of an offer they had at the time spend £10 minimum and get 5 gifts of your pick. I’ve only been using it for a week so I’ll review it in the New Year after I’ve used it a little bit longer. I’ve also picked up some bits from the Nip & Fab+ range. As for the anti-blemish range I just didn’t love it, I really wanted to but it was making my skin worse.  I’m enjoying this new moisturizer so hoping that doesn’t change.  

The balm I had heard so much about I’ve been wanting to try it but I was always worried about the fact it’s an oil. I have oily skin and didn’t want anything that would make it worse. But I took the plunge and bought it. I’m so glad I did. I had been using the Garnier Micellar Water for a few months, I still use it on my eyes. I take a little bit of this and rub it into my face using my fingers and my makeup just slides off without much effort. The first time I put this to the test I removed my eye makeup without a problem (waterproof mascara and all). It leaves your skin so soft and without that oily residue afterwards. It comes in at £22.00 which sounds a bit pricey for makeup remover but it’ll last you for so long so you definitely get your money’s worth. No more faffing with makeup removers.

Any skin care recommendations welcome…
Hope you’re all getting ready for Christmas, not long now 14 days and counting.



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