Monday, February 27, 2017

Catch Up + Monthly Goals

Firstly I would like to take a few minutes (I promise it won’t be long) to apologise for my lack of posts. I was so determined to do two posts a week but then life got in the way. I also feel like my last few posts haven’t been great and are lacking. If any of you saw my post on Instagram on Saturday night you would have got a small insight that things haven’t been great. You all see a small version of myself and probably the best, let’s face it no one wants to admit when they are struggling mentally and emotionally. But behind all these picture perfect moments I have been destroyed by life itself and people around me. I have learnt the true meaning that everything in life is a lesson learned, that there are two type of people. Some will lift you and others will throw bricks while you are down. I’ve realised instead of forgiving and forgetting I need to take those bricks and build a better stronger version of myself. For the first time in a very long time I am finally ready to let go and focus on me myself and I.

January and February seem like a bit of a blur if I’m honest and I cannot believe that March is just around the corner. (Literally) February is always a bitter sweet month, it’s the month my baby sees another year in, I still can’t believe I have a two year old. A TWO YEAR OLD! How the heck did that happen? I swear it was only a few months ago I was pushing around my beautiful iCandy staring in the carry cot at this perfect new-born.  Emotional break down over here.

(No carrycot picture on my laptop, so here she is at 6 months old!)

Please tell me I’m not the only mother who sits there and thinks where the hell has the time gone? I miss those days so much. I think it’s probably the cuddles that baby smell, Emma is at such an amazing age. Even if it includes saying the word “mummyover 1000 times a day. I feel like motherhood was the one thing I was put on this earth to do. Yes I know I am super broody, my Facebook feed is also 80% baby spammed.

We’ve also started thinking of holidays and looking at houses which I’m super excited about. I need a holiday, something I can count down the time to relax and actually enjoy this beautiful family of my own. We’re looking at moving, if my husband has it his way it’d be 150 miles away. I think the idea is slowly growing on me (shhh don’t tell him that, the vans will be packed by the end of the week!). But I also feel terrible taking Emma away from everyone and everything shes ever known.
What’s everyone doing for holidays this year??
We’re looking to go to Portugal for Christmas which I’d love to do.

Monthly Goals.
·        Post two posts a week.
·        Keep up and chart diabetes.
·        Start using twitter.
·        Reach 900 followers on Instagram.
·        Save - For that holiday and dream house.
·        Work on myself.

What are your goals for March?


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Landon Tyler Country Meadow Review

Candles and photo frames are often spotted across my house, for me these two little things add the finishing touches into making my house feel like home. There is no better feeling then curling up in front of the TV and warm blanket and a burning candle filling the air with a heavenly scent. I came across Landon Tyler over on Instagram and a fellow blogger Stacey mentioned them over on her blog a couple of months ago (Check out her review!) After reading her blog post and seeing how gorgeous it looked I really wanted to get one. When the lovely people over at Landon Tyler sent on out for me to review I was so excited and couldn’t wait for it to arrive.  

The candle comes in a beautiful cream box with silver detailing and finally printed with a green label. Firstly the candle is huge, I think its 35 hours of burning time plenty of time to enjoy the scent. It’s presented with three wicks in frosted glass. I’m so happy about that I recently just finished a candle that looks like there is so much product left but it only had one wick so it just burned down the middle. I’ve been enjoying the candle for little over a week and I love it so much. It fills our room with warm smell of rose and jasmine.  I think this scent is lovely for the time of the year, Christmas is over and it reminds me of what’s just around the corner. Spring. They have 12 different scents to pick from, they also have diffusers and beautiful hand wash sets to suit each and every individual. Check there full range here.

I’m really impressed with the quality of the candle and they are also reasonably priced. I think this would make a lovely gift for anyone especially a house warming gift. After looking through their website they have really nice gift sets. With mother’s day not far away, I’m going to be picking some of these up for our parents.

Have you tried any of the Landon Taylor scented candles?
I’m already on the hunt for my new one, I’m thinking of buying pink cashmere. I love the sound of it.


 *Disclaimer, I was sent this product in exchange for a review. This does not affect my review in any way its 100% my honest opinion. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Lust List

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is upon us?

February has to be one of my favourite months, closely followed by August. They are the months that my heart exploded with love &&& I do it all again in a heartbeat. When did my baby become a toddler? Seriously, I swear I blinked and she grew up. It’s such a bittersweet moment, I wish I could rewind the clock. Make that new born cuddle last a bit longer, not care for people’s opinions and enjoy my baby.  I spent most of the early months trying to prove myself to people who to be honest aren’t worth a second thought. Some of the most poisonous people come disguised as family.

Growing up I’ve always dreamed of having a beginning of the year baby, I don’t know why but I always imagined it’d be January/February.  When I found out I was expecting so close to Valentine’s Day we were both secretly hoping she’d make her grand appearance on the 14th.

With February being all about love.
Let’s just take a moment to lust over my wish list. A shopping trip to Westfield made my heart skip a beat. Can we just sit here and take in all the perfection of Prada, Dior and Louboutin.

What makes my heart skip a beat also gives my husband a heart attack. He always says work hard play harder.

What’s on your list??
Anyone else out there with very expensive taste?



Monday, February 6, 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk & Bitch Perfect.

Around Christmas the beauty industry and bloggers all went crazy over the Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics. Splurging £24 for a lipstick isn’t something I do very often, to be honest I tend to buy mac and drugstore lip products. So it’ll take something amazing to make me spend my hard earned money when it comes to a new lippie. Charlotte Tilbury does that for me, her whole lipstick collection is breathe taking. I’m pretty sure by the end of 2017 I will have an impressive collection, though I’m sure my husband won’t be too pleased.

When pay day came around and my husband said I had £100.00 to spend on makeup I KNEW I had to finally pick up “pillow talk” and “bitch perfect”. This straight away blew £50.00 of my budget. I’ve been wanting to update my wardrobe so I held back and kept some money for other bits. (Though I did end up spending it on make-up!) If you follow me on snapchat and Instagram you’d have seen how beautifully they are packed. The whole shopping experience screams luxury, your receipt comes in an envelope your products in purple tissue paper. I LOVE tissue paper I think it makes everything feel a tad bit luxurious I really hope that’s not just me. For anyone that doesn’t know pillow talk cheat lip liner was her best seller, so when she announced its release as a matte lip stick beauty lovers everywhere couldn’t wait to get their hands on it! My whole Instagram feed has been Charlotte Tilbury it seemed that everyone everywhere had it.

Pillow Talk is a natural pink/nude lip colour but better. The finish to this lipstick is Matte, but I really like it. It isn’t your average matte, it’s between matte and satin and feels lovely on your lips.
Bitch Perfect is again a pink/nude colour. This one is more satin on your lips, it’s from her kissing range.

These are the sort of shades I find myself reaching for the most on a day to day basis. I really don’t think you can wrong it’d suit every skin tone in my opinion. The shape of the lipstick makes the application so much easier, it glides on and doesn’t feel as if you’re pulling the product.
 I cannot wait to do some more damage on her website next pay day. Have you tried any of her lipsticks? I really want to pick up three more shades I’ve been eyeing up for a while.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Nouveau #LashGang

I feel like I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, I have managed a post a week. I will admit that most of them I had saved and ready to go. I really want to set a schedule for my blog, I’m hoping to do two posts a week. One beauty related and the other lifestyle/general chatter. I was so overwhelmed with the response I got from my last post. It was out of my comfort zone trying to conceive has always been a very difficult subject for me to speck about. It’s something that still breaks my hearts to even think about, but it’s a real matter and regardless of it being a taboo subject it needs to be spoken about.


This is such an exciting post just after Christmas I was contacted by the beautiful Beth Eleanor that Nouveau Lashes had some positions and were looking for beauty bloggers to work with and she thought I should go for it. I applied but I didn’t think I would get it, I’m always doubting my work especially my Instagram. I’m a very visual person I know what I want and rarely settle for less which can be a curse. A few weeks later I got a very exciting email that I was accepted as an official member of #LashGang.

Anyone who knows me knows that I really struggle in “loving” myself, but the one thing I always tend to love is my eyes. I am lucky enough to have very long lashes but they are also very blonde! Over the last few years as my passion for makeup grew so did experimenting with eyelashes. I was always on the hunt to find the perfect lashes, from very expensive strip lashes to cheap plastic feeling ones from eBay (I have bought the pack of 5 for £3 before). I always struggled because to me they should feel comfortable and that was something I was struggling to find, I also hated all the faffing that came with some brands and having to trim them down to make them fit your eye to find I’d cut too much off.

When my first parcel arrived from Nouveau Lashes I couldn’t wait to pick it up from post office the following day. Me and the hubs had plans to go for a lunch date (I cannot remember the last time we had a lunch date! But it felt so nice to be child free during the day.) And then shopping for Emma’s birthday presents. I made him drive me to royal mail beforehand and ripped open the box in the car, I’m pretty sure I looked like a kid at Christmas probably worse my husband says I’m never that excited at Christmas. My first thought was WOAH! I was shocked by the amount they sent, in my welcome pack. I was gifted with 3 strip lashes, their best seller Lash and Brow conditioning serum and their eye make-up remover. I couldn’t wait to get home take photos (blogger problems) and finally start using everything.

(Strip Lashes, style 2)

I am SO in love with these lashes, so far I have only tried style 2 I find them so comfortable there was no need to faff around and trim them. I personally don’t like using mascara to make the lashes “blend” I think it ends up ruining your lashes. I use a thin layer on my natural eyelashes and then apply my falsies. As you can see in the picture they blend beautifully and give a very natural look. They go on like a dream the glue gets tacky very quick making the applying process so much easier.  I can see myself wearing lashes more often, I feel like my eyes look naked without them now. Here’s to doing the childminder drop off and pick up with lashes. I’m also loving there makeup remover, it’s perfect for removing your lashes and any glue that’s been left behind. It’s very quickly replaced my micellar water. I will be doing a more in detail review of the Brow and Lash conditioner. I’ve been using it for nearly two weeks and so far I’ve noticed they look healthier. I want to try it out for at least a month to give you a detailed post.

 I recommend you check out the full range over on their website. They are so affordable I would definitely pay more they are such amazing quality. Also if you don’t already follow me on Instagram and Twitter I recommend you do  over the next coming months as a #LashGang member I will be bringing you regular information and reviews on Nouveau Lashes and their services. I cannot wait to work with such an amazing brand and bunch of girls. #GirlSquad.

*Disclaimer- I am part of #LashGang these products were gifted to me, this does not affect my review in any way opinions are 100% my own. 
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