Sunday, April 2, 2017

Chit Chat

I can’t believe it is already April but I feel like I say that every month, anyone else? The month of March was a total flop when it comes to blogging but then again it was like that with everything. Mid-month I started to feel sick I put it down to a virus at first. I had a very moody sick toddler for a couple of days so I thought the bug had finally caught up with me, boy was I wrong. When it did not seem to be shifting and the pain became too intense, my husband took me to hospital where they suspected I had appendicitis. Four nights in hospital they sent me home on antibiotics, I couldn’t get out of their quicker. On Friday morning, I still didn’t feel any better and took a trip to the GP when again she referred me to surgical team for suspected appendicitis, they saw me but sent me home as they doubted it and said it must be infection to keep taking antibiotics. By the evening I wasn’t able walk, I was crying in pain and being sick everywhere. My sweet husband once again took me into hospital where they said I was going to be admitted and into surgery to take out my appendix. This happened on Saturday late afternoon. The moment before I was put to sleep, I was in panic mode, all I could think about was him and Emma. What if I never woke up? Would they know how much they meant to me?  I know total drama queen! However, surgery is my worst nightmare. I kept saying to the nurse what if I wake up during surgery? The surgeon came and spoke to me guaranteed me I’d be okay and that he had performed this surgery many times in his career and he’d see me in an hour. (Removing your appendix should take an hour roughly)

I remember opening my eyes and my nurse was sitting there writing away. Everything else seems a blur, by the time I was transferred back to my room it was past 4 a.m. a surgery that was meant to be an hour turned into 5 hours and two hours in recovery. I remember waking up in the morning turning to get out of bed to go to the toilet and I couldn’t bend my stomach I was in so much pain. I even fainted trying I had never felt anything quite like that, I gave birth without pain relief I know what pain feels like! It wasn’t till mid-morning when my surgeon came to see how I was doing when I was told it wasn’t my appendix but my bowels were covered in scar tissue from an injection and it was spreading to other organs and making them all pull together causing the cramps. My hole inside felt like it had been cut open. Not exactly how I planned to spend my mother’s day.  

I’m officially a week post op now. Bed rest is not for me, I seriously feel so useless I’m not one to sit around and have everyone tip toe around me. Though at first it did feel nice I’ll admit.  But two weeks of basically doing nothing has seriously gotten to me. They’ve now told me its 4-12 weeks recovery time. I’m keeping everything crossed for 4 weeks. It’s been my worst nightmare not being able to hold Emma when she cries for mummy cuddles. Having to ask my husband to slowly place her in my arms but make sure she doesn’t touch my stomach.
I think that pretty much sums up the last two weeks of the month and why I haven’t been able to do anything. Between sleeping and recovering, I have been binge-watching series. Any good ones out there? I love watching crime programs. Law and order seems to be a favourite at the moment. I’m hoping to be a bit more active this week. I’ve received so many goodies and can’t wait to review them for you all.  

What’s everyone been up to?
Did you all have a good mother’s day?



  1. Oh my goodness - that all sounds completely terrifying. I don't think you sounded dramatic AT ALL. Surgery is one of my biggest fears (although I do have many) and I would be just the same as you. Glad you got through it ok and hope you're feeling better soon! Maybe you can have a second go at Mothers Day?

  2. Aw I hope you start feeling better Tania, I'm sorry this happened to you! Sending lots of love and wishing you better for April <3
    Amy xx

  3. Awww Tania you poor thing! This illness really did hit you badly! I have never been in surgery but I can imagine that it's a rather scary experience, but well done you for getting through it, you're one strong lady! I really hope that your recovery time will be more like 4 weeks than 12 as well, I'm sure that with plenty of rest and binging Law and Order, you'll be better in no time! Sending love!

    Abbey 👾

  4. Oh no huni, hope you recover and get well soon. I am loving Once Upon A Time at the moment as well as Brooklyn Nine-Nine & Stranger Things.

    Steph xx

    Steph's World | Lifestyle Blog |

  5. I had my first surgery in September 2016 for endometriosis and it was a terrifying experience with a very difficult recovery to match. My condition was worse than expected; it was similar to your situation, where there was a lot of scar tissue, my ovaries were bound and my uterus fused with my bowels and all kinds of other mess. Take this time to ask for all the pampering you need and rest well, I hope your recovery is speedy :) xx

  6. OMG I'm sorry to hear what you went through . I'm glad you are doing better.

    Nina's Style Blog

  7. I'm so sorry to hear what you have been through! I'm glad you better. I'm always here if you need to chat xxxx
    Rachel |

  8. Awhh Tania I know the feeling as I've had appendix issues before and it hurts so much! I hope you recover quickly and feel better x

  9. Aw Tania you poor thing :( I was in and out of hospital with appendicitis for months so I know how horrible it is! Im always here if you want a chat if you're bored xxxx

  10. Gosh that all sounds horrible! Wishing you a quick recovery x
    Emily x

  11. Sounds like an intense couple of weeks! I hope you're feeling much better now lovely and you recover quickly. I hate the feeling of wanting to do things but not being able to! ❤ ooh and watch 13 reasons why - if you need a new Netflix binge!

    Love Izzy |

  12. I sincerely hope that your April is going better than your March did.
    At least they found the source of your intense pain, and it wasn't anything worse.

    All the best


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