Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christmas as Family

Christmas is always a very exciting time for most families, especially if you are experiencing it as a parent for the first time. Our first Christmas as a family was back in 2015 when we had Emma Boo and it completely changed the meaning for me. This year marks another special arrival as our family has extended by another little person.

Christmas went from being about luxury gifts to seeing the look on your baby’s face the first time their little eyes look up at the Christmas tree and admire the lights and decorations, opening their first present the way there is a little sparkle in their eyes at this time of the year. It’s about that count down with advent calendars filled with play doh instead of makeup, its being asked daily if santa has been. For me it was such a magical moment. My advice is take as many photos as you can you’ll forever treasure these moments. Every year they are that little bit bigger.

I’m so excited to have our first Christmas as a family of four even though Olivia is far too young to understand what’s going on. But there’s definitely something magical about having a newborn at Christmas. She’s the greatest gift I could have asked for this year, my heart feels so complete when I look at them both.

I’m very big on starting our own traditions something that the girls can grow up doing and look forward to doing. Stuff both myself and John would have loved as children. This year we are doing homemade Christmas cards for grandparents, aunties, and cousins. I am so excited to do this with Emma, though I can’t say the same about the mess. We’ve also let Emma pick a tree decoration yearly which we plan on handing to her once she has her own house. We will do this with Olivia from next year. Both the girls first decoration were the “baby first Christmas” ornaments. Every year I also make sure to donate a gift to Great Ormond Street, as the girls get older I will ask them to pick a gift each to donate. We moved back in September, this house has a fireplace and that makes me a little bit excited the fact I can put down flour and glitter as Santa’s footsteps for the girls. We’ve also got the girls Christmas Eve boxes with a movie to watch and matching PJs.

When it comes to presents I always spoil the girls, I don’t see a problem with this. The problem is when parents start giving presents instead of presence. On the other hand I think its important that children understand that they may not always be able to get everything they want. I think the key is balance its also teaching our children about true meaning of Christmas and just how lucky they are. We are extremely lucky that family and friends also spoil the girls rotten. They are both so loved, I hope that they grow up knowing just how much. That mummy and daddy will always make sure to give them the very best we possibly can. 

Having children has made us both become children at heart again, this year I’ve really looked forward to it. Our tree went up in November which never happens but it’s the first year that Emma truly understands what’s going on and she wouldn’t stop mentioning it. I cannot wait to see their little faces on the 25th
Do you have any family traditions as a family?

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Birth Story

Two years ago John and I decided we wanted to extend our family with another little person. Being diabetic I knew I had to seek medical advice to prepare myself and my body for the long journey ahead. Each appointment filled with heartache it broke me to think of the impact my illness could have on our baby. Not to mention the risk of miscarriage and still birth. The first we had to make sure was my hbA1C came back below 8 that was my target to get the go ahead to start trying and maintain a healthy pregnancy. After a month of healthy eating and exercise I manged to get a reading of 5.3 which my consultant said was amazing. While trying to conceive I worked relentlessly at maintaining low blood sugars. I had a very small window of 5.3-7.8 before and after meals.

Up till 31 weeks pregnant I had a textbook pregnancy, everything was going perfect every scan the baby was measuring perfectly and everything was right on track for delivery at 37 weeks. Then came my 31 week scan and appointment. My scan was perfect she was measuring a little bit smaller than expected. After sitting down and going over my blood sugars for the past two weeks my consultant noticed I was having hypos, which straight away raised red flags with the diabetic team. They agreed I could go home as long as I rang the nurse if there was any change. Monday came around (my appointments were on Friday) and I started passing out blood sugars of 1.2 after every meal. Why was I so sensitive to insulin when my body should need more? I was admitted into hospital and given steroids to prepare to deliver baby at any moment. After 4 days in intensive care, I was allowed to go home on bed rest with my insulin reduced by more than half. I had CTG every day to make sure baby was doing okay. The many concerns at this stage was that my placenta was giving up and would stop working and god forbid our baby would not make it. I then went on to experience reduced movements some days taking hours to get her to move. I couldn’t tell you the amount of tears I cried, the times I felt so helpless and at fault. My body was doing everything it shouldn’t be. I was booked a scan to check placenta and then told to go on CTG while the doctor reviewed it. I remember this day like it was yesterday, when I saw my consultants and diabetic nurse walk into my room I knew something wasn’t right. They simply told me a c section had been booked as Olivia was better out than in her chances of still birth were over 50%. (at this stage my body was too weak to delivery naturally with so many hypos) The plan was to admit me into hospital and I would have a section three days later when I turned 34 weeks. Over the next couple of days I was faced with so much guilt, I kept thinking what did I do wrong why was my body doing this? I couldn’t help but become more and more anxious as the day became closer. I burst into tears every time I spoke to a doctor. I met with the baby doctor had a tour of NICU where I was told to expect her to stay for the next four to six weeks.

On the….
25th October 2017
At 12.11pm
Olivia Rose Ribeiro
Entered this world screaming by planned section
Weighing 5lbs 8oz and 45cm of perfection.

Our little miracle overcame every obstacle quicker than expected at 24 hours old, her and me were reunited and in our own room. She didn’t need her four to six weeks in the NICU. The team of nurses up there are amazing I put my heart in there hands for 24 hours and every time I wanted to go see her or know how she was doing, they were always there to reassure us. On Sunday 29th October we came home and started our new life as a family of four.
Our hearts are so full, she’s perfect worth every single tear and bit of pain.
I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

Hope everyone is well I cant wait to get back into blogging, what’s everyone been up to?

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