Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christmas as Family

Christmas is always a very exciting time for most families, especially if you are experiencing it as a parent for the first time. Our first Christmas as a family was back in 2015 when we had Emma Boo and it completely changed the meaning for me. This year marks another special arrival as our family has extended by another little person.

Christmas went from being about luxury gifts to seeing the look on your baby’s face the first time their little eyes look up at the Christmas tree and admire the lights and decorations, opening their first present the way there is a little sparkle in their eyes at this time of the year. It’s about that count down with advent calendars filled with play doh instead of makeup, its being asked daily if santa has been. For me it was such a magical moment. My advice is take as many photos as you can you’ll forever treasure these moments. Every year they are that little bit bigger.

I’m so excited to have our first Christmas as a family of four even though Olivia is far too young to understand what’s going on. But there’s definitely something magical about having a newborn at Christmas. She’s the greatest gift I could have asked for this year, my heart feels so complete when I look at them both.

I’m very big on starting our own traditions something that the girls can grow up doing and look forward to doing. Stuff both myself and John would have loved as children. This year we are doing homemade Christmas cards for grandparents, aunties, and cousins. I am so excited to do this with Emma, though I can’t say the same about the mess. We’ve also let Emma pick a tree decoration yearly which we plan on handing to her once she has her own house. We will do this with Olivia from next year. Both the girls first decoration were the “baby first Christmas” ornaments. Every year I also make sure to donate a gift to Great Ormond Street, as the girls get older I will ask them to pick a gift each to donate. We moved back in September, this house has a fireplace and that makes me a little bit excited the fact I can put down flour and glitter as Santa’s footsteps for the girls. We’ve also got the girls Christmas Eve boxes with a movie to watch and matching PJs.

When it comes to presents I always spoil the girls, I don’t see a problem with this. The problem is when parents start giving presents instead of presence. On the other hand I think its important that children understand that they may not always be able to get everything they want. I think the key is balance its also teaching our children about true meaning of Christmas and just how lucky they are. We are extremely lucky that family and friends also spoil the girls rotten. They are both so loved, I hope that they grow up knowing just how much. That mummy and daddy will always make sure to give them the very best we possibly can. 

Having children has made us both become children at heart again, this year I’ve really looked forward to it. Our tree went up in November which never happens but it’s the first year that Emma truly understands what’s going on and she wouldn’t stop mentioning it. I cannot wait to see their little faces on the 25th
Do you have any family traditions as a family?

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  1. Aww, I loved reading this and your family traditions, I love the one about letting them choose a Christmas decoration for the tree each year and giving them to them when they move out. I don't see anything with spoiling them at Christmas either. xx

    Kristy |

  2. I love this. Seriously what is it with you lately Tania?? I just cry haha. Emma and Olivia are so beautiful and you’re a wonderful mum. Totally get what you mean about presents and presence! Something I feel quite strongly about too. I hope you have the most magical Christmas. Love ya xxxxxxxxxx

  3. ah this is so sweet! The photos are gorgeous, how cute are your girls. This post has actually made me excited for when I (eventually) have my own little family and get to do all these things! xx


  4. Celebrating with my family is what Christmas is all about! I agree about taking his many photos as possible, then you will always have them to look back on and smile! Emma and Olivia are such gorgeous girls, and I'm sure that they will have a wonderful Christmas especially with your focus on prescence just as much as presents, which is a really good mindset to have!

    Abbey 😇

  5. Oh this is the cutest thing and I am absolutely sat waiting for the day I have my first christmas with children (I have a long way to go yet!) Your traditions sound lovely and will be something the girls treasure forever and pass onto their children, we have traditions and it makes christmas even more magical when you get excited for whats to come with family like putting up the tree and christmas eve boxes, which we do too!

    Sarah | xx

  6. Oh Tania, this is such a beautiful post! You have two of the most beautiful girls and they're very lucky to spend Christmas with you xx


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